Our greatest hope is that God would use Free City Church to extend His glory by bringing transformation through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to see families, neighborhoods, workplaces, communities -here in Lawrence and beyond- renewed, restored and empowered by the gospel.

We are members of three national networks that provide accountability, resources and coaching to our leaders: Acts 29 Network, Fellowship Associates and the SBC

If you're new to our church or considering a visit, we would love to welcome you. Maybe you have been a Christian for a long time or are still wrestling with the claims of Jesus. Either way, our hope is that you will find Free City to be a community where you can easily engage with others, voice and share your doubts and even trust in Jesus as your only hope. We want to be a place you can find healing and strength to openly deal with and conquer sin, addiction and failure. Our hope is that we might join together in the mission of God by knowing, loving and obeying Him as we declare and demonstrate the gospel in the city of Lawrence and to the ends of the earth. 




The Gospel changes everything.


The primary apologetic to the Gospel. 


A call to all believers.