The pastors of Free City Church are available to officiate the weddings of Free City members, as their schedules allow. We cannot guarantee schedule availability, nor guarantee a particular pastor will be able to officiate your ceremony, but we will do our best to provide an officiant for Free City members. It is your responsibility to ask a pastor to officiate your wedding.

Premarital Counseling

Because our pastors care deeply about the health and longevity of your marriage, we require all couples to participate in the Free City premarital process as a condition for performing your wedding.


Our standard honorarium is $250 (plus any travel expenses).

Rehearsal Dinner & Reception

Please keep in mind that while your wedding is probably the most important day of the year for you, a pastor can often perform 2-3 weddings a month during a busy wedding season. Since our pastors have young families, and since weekends (Sundays) are often the busiest time of their week, please understand if they leave early from the reception or choose not to attend the rehearsal dinner.

Sunday Weddings

Because of normal pastoral duties that happen on Sundays, please consider that Free City pastors might not be available for Sunday weddings. Please keep this in mind when planning your ceremony.


Free City does not have direct access to any facility. You are responsible for securing your own venue and negotiating with the appropriate party all issues related to cost and availability.

Decor & Equipment

Engaged couples often ask if they can use various pieces of decor or equipment for their wedding ceremony. (Ex: microphones, candles, staging, lighting, etc…) To maintain the quality and longevity of decor and equipment, Free City is not able to provide these items.